Fri 12:45 - Lit Circles (Mrs. Michel)

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Fri 12:45 - Lit Circles (Mrs. Michel)


Administration Fee

Tuition: $450

Instructor: Becky Michel

Intended for:  Grades 5-8 (7th grade reading level)

28-week course

Class size: (7) min (8) max

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A Literature Circle is a small, collaborative community actively discussing literature. Students learn to engage deeply, effectively, and reflectively with the text and with one another. We spend two to three weeks reading a given book, and each week prepare for a unique discussion role. Students rotate roles every week, which gives everyone the chance to serve as Discussion Director and in various supporting roles. The teacher serves as facilitator as well as participant. Lit Circles may be profitably repeated up to four times, as the book selections change each year.


Any student participating in Lit Circles must be reading at a seventh grade level or higher. Intended for students in grades 5-8, Lit Circles meets once a week for 28 weeks for 75-minute classes. Students will need to procure 10-12 books for the course, which are not included in tuition. In addition to the time needed to read a book every 2-3 weeks, students should expect to spend 15-30 minutes to prepare each week.