Mon 11:00 - Etiquette - Fall (Mrs. Bell)

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Mon 11:00 - Etiquette - Fall (Mrs. Bell)


Administration Fee

Tuition: $175

Instructor: Margaret Bell

Intended for:  Grades 5-8

11-week course

Class size:  8 (min) to 10 (max)

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Courtesy, manners and civility add luster to the other virtues and make our Christian witness more appealing. This course provides instruction in etiquette, the art of behaving as Christian ladies and gentlemen. The heart of the course is not about knowing which fork to use, but about being at ease in various social situations so as to bless and honor others freely, unencumbered by anxiety and uncertainty. Scriptures will inform students’ hearts, as they learn the essentials of etiquette in relationships and a variety of social settings.  Two courses are available. Each focuses on particular skills and character traits which are important at different ages. Most classes culminate with a special event to which parents are invited.


Intended for students in grades 5-8, Etiquette will meet once a week for 11 weeks in the Fall for 75-minute classes. Materials will be provided by Greenhouse included in tuition. Students are expected to spend 15-45 minutes a week on homework.