A Greenhouse family is...

"Plugged in to a diverse, but like-minded community of fellow Christian homeschoolers. Students are inspired to learn from teachers who 'get' homeschooling and care just as much about cultivating virtue as providing excellent academic instruction." (The Peterson Family)

"Eager to welcome new families into this amazing community, while extending support to others in countless ways. The opportunities available through the Greenhouse allow homeschooling families to truly thrive!" (The Myers Family)

"Committed. The parents are shepherding their children's hearts in His truth and in their need for Jesus. They are committed not only to a higher academic standard, but one into which God's truth is intricately woven. Serving together, they reach out to the community." (The Hankes Family)

"Committed to raising up their children to know and love Jesus.  One of the key ways they feel called to do this is through homeschooling. The Greenhouse provides a strong framework on which to build a complete education in a context that nurtures academic curiosity, Christian virtue, and supportive relationships
with teachers and friends."   (The Popp Family)

"A Greenhouse family is God's design for His people to flourish so that they may go forth as lights unto the world, REJOICING in the power of the Spirit." They eat together, read together, play together, suffer together. They listen to each other, respect each other, serve each other. A Greenhouse family is where His will is being done." (The Fratto Family)