Community Care Coordinators


As Greenhouse Community Care Coordinators, we will guard people’s dignity and confidentiality as we pursue the overarching goal of “nurturing authentic relationships in a community marked by integrity, humility, and love.”

As Community Care Coordinators, our “Top 5” priorities are to:

  1. Commit to praying together periodically and encouraging prayer among our constituents.

  2. Commit to personally getting to know our constituents and enhancing connections among them.

  3. Finding those among our constituents who need help and those who can offer help. Working with Greenhouse to refine information/resources offered so that help is easily found.

  4. Meeting regularly with the other community care coordinators to compare successes and failures and figuring out best practices (cross pollinating).

  5. Commit to expanding community-building activities both small and large. Developing community-building aspects in existing events (Kick Off, Fall Performance etc.) and helping spur on many organic events.