Dial "5" in an emergency.

If you need to reach someone in the office in an emergency during a school-day, dial 5 and all the admin phones will ring simultaneously. Please use this extension only in a bona fide emergency.

Dial "0" for one-time changes.

The reception team is who to call (or email) if you need to share information with Greenhouse about one-time changes: a change in pick-up, a temporary use of study hall, or another issue we need to know about when your child is on-site.

Who to Contact About...

Absences -- greenhousecoschool.org/absence

Academics -- Specific Faculty (or Dean)

Admissions or Enrollment -- Lour Volkart

Behavior Issues in a Given Class -- Specific Faculty (or Dean)

Board -- Wendy Woodward (President)

Books & Material Ordering -- Peter Bianchini (x223)

Buddies -- Debbie Gottlieb (Mega-Buddies) or Carol Muzzy (Big or Little Buddies)

Building Use for Non-Greenhouse Events -- Peter Bianchini (x223)

Calendar -- greenhousecoschool.org or Adelia Erickson (x222)

Classroom Activities -- Specific Faculty

Curriculum -- Specific Faculty (or Dean)

Discipline Issues -- Specific Faculty (or Dean)

Donations -- Peter Bianchini (x223)

Elective Program -- Tom Spacek (x226)

Events -- Check Cuttings, greenhousecoschool.org, or Adelia Erickson (x222)

Faculty or Staff Issues/Concerns -- Specific Dean, or Peter Bianchini (x223)

Finances -- Peter Bianchini (x223)

General Questions -- Receptionist (x221)

Grammar Program -- Carol Muzzy (Dean)

Homework Assignments -- Specific Faculty

Homework Load Overall -- The Deans: 

        Carol Muzzy (Grammar & Logic)

Debbie Gottlieb (Rhetoric)

Tom Spacek (Electives)

Logic Program -- Carol Muzzy (Dean)

New Family Leads -- Receptionists (x0)

Opening Doors & Closing Exercises -- Tom Spacek (x226)

Pastoral Concerns which impact students -- Adelia Erickson (x222) or the Deans

The Play, in general -- Mary Kiel

Program Ideas/Concerns -- The Deans

Prospective Teachers -- Tom Spacek (x226)

Rhetoric Program -- Debbie Gottlieb (Dean)

RenWeb (FACTS) -- Peter Bianchini (x223)

Scrip Program -- Melody Finnegan

Service Opportunities -- Adelia Erickson (x222)

Social Events -- Check Cuttings, greenhousecoschool.org, or Adelia Erickson (x222)

Student-to-Student Problem -- Specific Family

Volunteer Responsibilities -- Adelia Erickson (x222)

Website Issues -- Tom Spacek (x226)