Elective Registration Instructions - Read Carefully

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please read these instructions before starting your registration. 

  1. On the registration page, the courses are listed in chronological order by class period.
  2. The navigation bar on the left will allow you to select courses by day or subject.
  3. You must click through to the description of the course in order to add it to your shopping cart.
  4. Several courses have multiple sections. Every section has its own listing. Be sure you register for the section you intend to.
  5. If you plan to register multiple children in electives, be sure to consistently refer to the first child as "Student 1", the second as "Student 2", etc. throughout the registration process. We recommend writing it down so you do not confuse yourself.
  6. With each course you add to the cart, you will be asked which student (Student 1, Student 2, etc) you wish to register.
  7. At checkout you will be asked to identify each students' name, birth date and grade level. (For example:  Student 1 is John Smith, 1/1/2002, 10th grade.) If you do not supply this information, we cannot register your child.
  8. You will be asked to pay an administration fee for each course for which you register. The admin fee is in addition to the tuition.
  9. Families who are enrolled in, or applying for admission in, the core program will be issued a discount code by email to apply toward the administration fee.
  10. Registration does not guarantee that a given class will be held, or that your student will be enrolled. Some classes have prerequisites, or placement tests, by which a student must demonstrate readiness before registration is finalized.  
  11. Each class description lists a minimum and maximum class size. If the minimum class size is not reached by June 30, the class is likely to be cancelled. Any administration fees associated with cancelled classes will be refunded at that time.
  12. If a given course is "Sold Out" that means the maximum has been reached and all the spaces have been claimed. Click on Waiting List to add your student to the waiting list for a Sold Out course.
  13. Except as described above (#11), administration fees are non-refundable. That is, if you change your mind, or subsequently drop your registration for a given course, the corresponding administration fee will be forfeited.
  14. We use PayPal to process your payment at checkout.

Elective Registration for Fall 2017

ends Friday, August 25


If you need assistance please email us at registrar@greenhousecoschool.org