What is a Greenhouse Builder?

An individual or family committed to pray regularly and donate monthly to support the flourishing of Greenhouse. Similar to supporting a missionary or other Christian non-profit, Builders typically give $10, $20, $50, or $100 per month.

Who are Greenhouse Builders?

Anyone who wants to see Greenhouse flourish.

  • Current families

  • Former families

  • Board members

  • Faculty and staff

  • Alumni

  • Extended families

  • Friends in the community and beyond

Why join Greenhouse Builders?

Greenhouse supports and encourages homeschooling families using time-tested principles of classical education. Partnering with families across the denominational and geographical spectrum, Greenhouse cultivates Christian servant leadership within students and households. As Greenhouse serves and supports these families, Greenhouse Builders serve and support Greenhouse.

Register your monthly donation here, and notify the team here.

How do I become a Greenhouse Builder?

Please contact giving@greenhousecoschool.org if you have questions.