How to Apply

To participate in our electives courses you need to register each student. We will follow up to confirm your registration.

Apply for electives

Apply for core

The core admissions process has several key components:

  • Attend an Open House (both parents).
  • Submit an application, including references.
  • Attend a family interview (both parents and prospective students).
  • Participate in a classroom exercise (prospective students).

There is a $95 application fee for new families applying to the core program.

Submit an application: We strongly recommend that spouses work on it together. You will also need to ask others to complete reference forms for each student, and one for your family. Applying does not obligate you to enroll, it simply opens the door. The early-bird registration deadline is May 1. The regular application deadline is June 15. The "last chance" deadline is July 30. ("Last chance" applications are only acted on if openings warrant.)

After You Apply (Core)

After you submit your application, we will set up an interview for you, your spouse and your child. During part of the interview, your child will meet with a faculty member who will ask them several questions. Also, your child will need to participate in a half-day classroom exercise with other students. The exercise helps us assess some of your child’s academic skills and classroom behaviors. We also will be following up on the references you provide.

Greenhouse strives to be so clear about our mission and programs that families can ascertain for themselves whether or not it is a good fit. Occasionally, in the interview process we see obstacles that might hinder a family’s successful participation in the Greenhouse community. When that happens we discuss it candidly with the parents. After listening, talking and praying, there are some instances when we need to say “no” – or “not yet” – and we try to do so with charity and hope. In any case, a student’s first term with Greenhouse is on a trial basis during which the family and staff confirm the fit.