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Logic (grades 5-8)

Logic students develop critical thinking skills in order to examine relationships within and between fields of study. Students ask investigative questions related to the subject and use logic/reasoning to derive meaning and draw conclusions.

At Greenhouse, the four core courses for Grammar students are:

  • History & Literature
  • Art
  • Science, and
  • Performing Arts. 

Each year all of our Grammar and Logic students study the same time period, but each level focuses on different aspects of that time period and develops different intellectual skills. 

The four time periods are:

  1. Antiquities - Creation to AD 476
  2. Medieval/Renaissance - 400-1650
  3. Reformation/Early Modern - 1500-1815
  4. Modern/Contemporary - 1800 to present

Students should expect 4-8 hours of homework per week. If a family does nothing other than attend and prepare for classes in Art, Performing Arts, and Science, the students will receive a solid education in those areas.  

We recommend that families supplement History and Literature with additional readings and projects.

The core program does not offer math and language arts.