Mathematics Courses

There are four steps to thinking mathematically, but much mathematical education fails to attend to all four:

  1. Defining the problem, or posing the right question.
  2. Turning the problem or question into a math formulation or set-up.
  3. Calculating (follow procedures or steps)
  4. Taking the mathematical answer back to the real world to verify it.

Unlike courses which focus primarily on step 3, these classes will also focus on steps 1,2 & 4 where thinking and problem-solving occur. Students will be encouraged to search out mathematical matters, to grow in mathematical literacy, and to understand their own thought processes. Consequently,  homework will include open-ended discussion questions and word problems.


Algebra 1

Intended for students in grade 9, also open to 10th or 11th graders and motivated 8th graders, Algebra 1 will meet twice a week for 30 weeks for 75-minute classes. The course will use Foerster's Algebra I textbook. A placement test will help assess a student's readiness for this course. Students should expect to spend 30-45 minutes 4-5 times a week on homework. This high school course is worth 1 credit. Instructor: Len Chandler