Elective Courses

You can choose from an assortment of electives in addition to -- or independent of -- the core program. Because every child has different gifts and interests, we want you to be able to choose from a wide variety of add-on classes to round out your student's education. Most elective courses meet once a week for 75 minute classes for 28 weeks; some courses are longer, some shorter. Elective homework varies by course. Students come and go throughout the day; and study hall is available in the library for those who have a dormant period between classes.

When you register...

  1. If registering multiple children, always refer to the same child identically, for example, as "Student 1." Be consistent for all class registrations.
  2. The shopping cart price is for the admin fee. Tuition will be billed later. Core families will receive a discount code which will remove the admin fees.
  3. Multiple sections are listed for several courses. Be sure to select the correct section, and that your child is of the proper grade level for that section.
  4. If a section is filled, you can add the Waiting List for that section to your cart.
  5. Some adjacent courses are bundled together for convenience. For example, it's possible to register for Writer's Workshop & Lit Circles as a single item.