Please follow the 2 or 3 step re-enrollment process below.

Step 1 of 3

Verify Renweb

Even if your family is not returning next year.

Verify and update your family's information and re-enrollment plans in RenWeb.

STEP A. Select "Family Information" menu on the left.

STEP B. Select "Enrollment / Re-enrollment" on the left.

STEP C.  Follow the prompts all the way through the re-enrollment process.

Step 2 of 3

Complete Student profiles (if needed)

This step is only for those who hope to enroll either:

(1) a student entering Rhetoric for the first time, or (2) a student who is not currently in the core program

If you have a current student entering Rhetoric for the first time...

Even if your child has been here since Grammar 1, a student entering Rhetoric for the first time must complete an abbreviated admissions process. We will need a Student Profile. He or she will also need to participate in a half-day classroom exercise with other incoming Rhetoric students.

If you want to enroll a new student in the core program...

You will need to complete a Student Profile and provide two teacher references.

Step 3 of 3

FILL OUT codes of conduct

Please print out and review the Codes of Conduct for you and your student. The signed appropriate versions of student and parent Codes should be returned to the office by April 1.