Tuition & Fees

Tuition rates are established by the Board each spring for the following year. Tuition reflects the increasing intensity of the partnership at each level, i.e. Grammar is the least expensive program and Rhetoric is the most expensive. There are base administrative and overhead costs connected with each family we serve; therefore, we charge an administration fee (per family) in addition to tuition.  

We offer a variety of payment plans, including twelve monthly payments (the most popular). Regardless of the payment plan selected, the total amount due will be the same. There is no incentive for paying by lump-sum, no penalty for paying monthly.

Core Program

2019-20 Tuition and Fees

Administration Fee:  $575 per family*

Grammar Tuition:  $2,030 per student

Logic Tuition:  $2,250 per student

Rhetoric Tuition:  $3,015 per student

Humanities-only $2,080 per student*

Science-only $935 per student*

Books and Materials

Textbooks and reading books must be provided by the family. Certain text may be rented from Greenhouse. Some texts are used for multiple years.

Grammar Books:  $50-95 (list price) per year

Logic Books:  $100-175 (list price) per year

Rhetoric Books:  $275-350 (list price) per year

In addition, students will need to have binders meeting Greenhouse specifications.

*For families the entirety of whose core program involvement is one science-only, or humanities-only rhetoric student, the Administration Fee is pro-rated to $210 and $365, respectively.


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2019-20 Tuition and Fees

Prices vary by course.

Administration Fee:   $35 per course (Waived for families enrolled in core program)

Tuition 7 session course: $120

Tuition 11 session course: $185

Tuition 14 session course: $295

Tuition 28 session course: $470-505

Tuition 60 session course: $725

Books and Materials

Textbooks and reading books must be provided by the family. Some courses do not require texts or include Greenhouse provided materials. See Elective course descriptions for more details.   

Texts:  $30-165 (list price) per course