Financial Assistance

Limited funds are available for financial assistance. Currently, financial assistance is available for (1) single-parent households, (2) households whose primary income is derived from ministry in a church or missions agency, (3) households of missionaries on furlough or home service, (4) households of immigrants or refugees, and (5) households whose income is less than 250% of the federal poverty guidelines. The application process for financial assistance provides two windows to apply throughout each school year.

To see if you would qualify based on income level, use the calculator below:

Financial Assistance Applications are only considered for those who have completed the re-enrollment or new admissions process.

Work Study Program

Students 14 and older have over twenty different intern positions for which they can apply to earn money to help offset tuition expenses. Participating students will receive on-the-job training in addition to occasional training sessions with faculty to maximize their work experience. Interested students must go through an application process, and may need to present a Work Permit before being employed.

Scrip Program


Enroll in the scrip program and begin paying for many of your routine expenses with scrip (gift) cards. Families who utilize ShopwithScrip receive a rebate (determined by the retailer), 50% of which gets applied as tuition credit. Use money you are already spending to help reduce your tuition bill.

Tax CRedit

The state of Illinois allows families to receive an income tax credit up to $500 for eligible education expenses, including many expenses paid for homeschooling. As a support for your home school, helping you complete the curriculum of your home school, Greenhouse tuition frequently qualifies as an eligible education expense. Consult your tax professional about your specific situation.