Rhetoric (grades 9-12)

Rhetoric students gain the ability to clearly express the grammar and logic of each subject through speech and writing. Using oral and written skills, students persuasively express their findings and opinions on each subject. 

Core Rhetoric courses include History, Literature, and Science, with exposure to other subjects, including Government, and Advance Composition. Most of the coursework is offered at an Honors level.

Humanities Curriculum

  1. Freshman:  American History, Lit, Government
  2. Sophomore: Ancient History, Lit, Humanities
  3. Junior: Christendom, British Lit, Church History
  4. Senior: Modern History, Lit, Advanced Composition (Thesis project)

Science Curriculum

  1. Freshman:  Biology (lab)
  2. Sophomore: Chemistry (lab)
  3. Junior:  Physics (lab)
  4. Senior: Advanced Biology (lab)

Students enrolling in the Rhetoric core program have the choice of enrolling for 2-1/2 credits of humanities coursework, or 1 credit of science, or both.

At this level the classroom instruction and assignments for History, Literature, and Science are all-encompassing requiring 14-20 hours a week of homework.  Greenhouse takes the lead in these core subjects.

Successful Rhetoric students are well prepared for competitive college environments. 

Other subjects will be needed to round out a high school education. Greenhouse offers a number of electives that complement the core courses and schedule.