2019-20 Elective Course Catalog (alphabetically)

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Color Theory With Painting

with Mrs. Kathryn Beifuss

Learning to love subtleties of neutrals

Tuition: $470

Details: Grades 5-12, 28 classes, Sep 5 thru May 14, Thursday 12:45-2:00, homework: 60-90 min/week

Credit: 1/2 credit for high school

Great for … 5-12th grade students who enjoy creating colors and playing with paint.

Color Theory teaches students to understand and apply color theory principles through a structured series of exercises using colored pencils, oil pastels, watercolor, and acrylic paints. They will also learn the four characteristics of color -- hue, temperature, chroma, and value -- and how to manipulate these characteristics when mixing paint in order to replicate any color they see around them. Students will apply these principles to build structure into a number of individual creative works.


with Mrs. Kathryn Beifuss

Look. Think. Do! Observe. Analyze. Draw!

Tuition: $470

Details: Grades 4-12, 28 classes, Sep 9 thru May 18, Monday 12:45-2:00, homework: 30-60 min/week

Credit: 1/2 credit for high school

Great for … Motivated students in grades 4-12 who want to improve their representational drawing skills.

Drawing is a foundational course that will teach students to see and analyze subject matter in the way that artists do, and to interpret that analysis on a two-dimensional surface. Students will learn various methods of analyzing subject matter in terms of perceived edges and basic shapes, and the importance of understanding cross-contour line in rendering three-dimensional form. They will also learn how to see and use negative space in creating effective compositions and to correctly judge relationships of size, angle, and proximity. 

Students will explore basic linear drawing techniques using graphite, wax crayons, charcoal, conte crayon, and pen and ink. They will also study drawings by other artists, both current and historical, and they will learn to utilize a sketchbook as a valuable drawing resource.


with Mrs. Margaret Bell

Courteous behavior in a social setting

Tuition: $185 (Fall) $120 (Spring)

Details (Fall): Grade 5-8, 11 classes, Sep 9 thru Nov 18, Monday 9:45-11:00, homework: 15-45 min/week

Details (Spring): Grade 3-5, 7 classes, Mar 16 thru May 11, Monday 9:45-11:00, homework: 15-45 min/week

Great for … Students of all ages – (grades 3-8) – wanting to develop social skills as part of Christian character.

Courtesy, manners and civility add luster to the other virtues and make our Christian witness more appealing. This course provides instruction in etiquette, the art of behaving as Christian ladies and gentlemen. The heart of the course is not about knowing which fork to use, but about being at ease in various social situations so as to bless and honor others freely, unencumbered by anxiety and uncertainty. Scriptures will inform students’ hearts, as they learn the essentials of etiquette in relationships and a variety of social settings.  Two courses are available. Each focuses on particular skills and character traits which are important at different ages. Most classes culminate with a special event to which parents are invited.

Fiber Arts

with Mrs. Kathryn Beifuss

Color and love you can touch

Tuition: $470

Details: Grades 4-12, 28 classes, Sep 9 thru May 18, Monday 2:00-3:15, homework: 60-90 min/week

Credit: 1/2 credit for high school

Great for … 4-12th grade students who love to feel color slip through their fingers.


Students will be introduced to a number of processes involved in creating fabric and coil basketry and how to execute them. These will include several off and on-loom weaving techniques using potholder, rigid-heddle, pin, backstrap, and tapestry looms; coil-basketry; embellishing fabric; wet and needle-felting; kumihimo and other simple braiding; single-crochet; and dyeing wool yarn with Kool-aid.

Students will also learn about the different types of fiber and their characteristics, tools used in processing fiber, and the history of fiber arts and its crucial role in creating and maintaining civilization.


with Mrs. Alyssa Barringer

Vocabulary, grammar, history can be fun!

Tuition: $470

Details (Latin A): Grades 4-6, 28 classes, Sep 9 thru May 18, Monday 11:00-12:15, homework: 10-20 minutes 4-5 times/week

Prerequisite (Latin A): Student must read at grade level

Details (Latin B): Grades 5-7, 28 classes, Sep 9 thru May 11, Monday 9:45-11:00, homework: 15-30 minutes 4-5 times/week

Prerequisite (Latin B): Student has completed Latin A (or equivalent, with teacher approval)

Great for … 4th-7th graders who want to learn the basics of Latin and the foundations of English.

Latin A & B make use of Ken Stephenson's Schola Latina series. The courses introduces Latin grammar and vocabulary. Students will learn new Latin words (and their English derivatives) and memorize grammar forms. They will apply this knowledge to translating simple sentences, and then more complex sentences. In addition, students will become familiar with the broad strokes of ancient Roman history, common Latin sayings and proverbs, and everyday conversational phrases.


with Dr. Barbara Gauthier

Latin: backbone of language, critical thinking

Tuition: $505

Details: Grades 8-11*, 28 classes, Sep 6 thru May 15, Friday 12:45-2:00, homework: 25-40 minutes 4-5 times/week,

Credit: 1 credit for high school

Great for … 8th graders* and up who want to understand grammar, build vocabulary, and learn to think.

*Motivated students in grade 7, who have completed Latin A or B, or have a strong background in reading and English grammar will be considered. Teacher approval will be needed.

Latin 1 makes use of the Oxford Latin series. In addition to Latin grammar and vocabulary, this course places an emphasis on reading longer passages in classical Latin and translating English sentences into Latin. Students will study the comparative grammars of Latin and English and the development of English vocabulary from Latin root words. The book follows the life of the poet Horace (65-8 B.C.) as he grows up on a farm outside of Rome. Students will also learn about Roman life, culture and history during the Republic and the early days of the Empire.  Later readings cover Horace's career as a poet and the rise of Augustus Caesar and will include selections from Roman history and poetry.

LAtin 2 and Up

Dr. Gauthier teaches advanced Latin classes on a tutorial basis. Interested families should contact her directly about setting up a class.


with Mrs. Becky Michel

Small, collaborative community actively discussing literature

Tuition: $505

Supplies: Students must procure 10-12 books for the course (not included in tuition).

Details: Grades 5-8, 28 classes, Sep 5 thru May 15, homework: 15-30 min/week plus time to read a book every 2-3 weeks,

Prerequisite: Any student participating in Lit Circles must be reading at a seventh grade level or higher so that comprehension does not hinder discussion.

Sections: (A) Thursday - 9:45-11:00, (B) Thursday - 2:00-3:15, (C) Friday - 8:30-9:45, (DE) Friday 2:00-3:15

Great for … Both voracious and reluctant readers, 5th-8th grades, reading at or above 7th grade level.

A Literature Circle is a small, collaborative community actively discussing literature. Students learn to engage deeply, effectively, and reflectively with the text and with one another. We spend two to three weeks reading a given book, and each week prepare for a unique discussion role. Students rotate roles every week, which gives everyone the chance to serve as Discussion Director and in various supporting roles. The teacher serves as facilitator as well as participant. The book selections rotate on a four-year cycle.


with Mrs. Susan Fischer

Study of man's heart and soul

Tuition: $295 for each semester-long course

Details (Gen Psych): Grades 10-12, 14 classes, Sep 9 thru Jan 13, Monday 12:45-2:00, homework: 30-45 minutes 3-4 times/week

Details (Dev Psych): Grades 10-12, 14 classes, Jan 20 thru May 11, Monday 12:45-2:00, homework: 30-45 minutes 3-4 times/week

Credit: 1/2 credit per course for high school

Great for … Juniors and Seniors (and motivated Sophomores) interested in understanding themselves and others as uniquely created.

General Psychology (1st Semester)

After examining the history of the field of Psychology through a biblical lens, the course then turns its focus on topics such as human development, the brain and nervous system, perception, learning, memory, personality, intelligence, and more.

Developmental Psychology (2nd Semester)

This course studies human growth and development across the lifespan. From conception to death, physical, cognitive, and socio emotional development is examined. Key developmental theorists and theories are studied as well as developmental milestones across the lifespan.


with Mrs. Susan Fischer

Spanish: Expand your horizons - ¡habla español!

Tuition: $725

Details: Grades 9-12*, 60 classes, Aug 26 thru May 21, homework: 30-45 minutes 3 times/week

Sections: (A) Monday & Thursday 9:45-11:00, (B) Monday & Wednesday 9:45-11:00. Note: Sections meet together on Monday and separately later in the week,

Credit: 1 credit for high school

Great for … High school students* who have interest in becoming more marketable in any field by seeking proficiency in the second most spoken language in our country.

*Open to motivated 8th graders with teacher approval.

Spanish presents the fundamentals of communication (speaking, hearing, reading and writing) in a vibrant and interactive setting. Through a rigorous and fast-paced study of Spanish grammar, vocabulary, and Bible verses, students will gain entry-level mastery of comprehension and conversation.


with Mrs. Becky Michel

Growing writers in supportive, inspiring community

Tuition: $505

Details: Grades 6-8*, 28 classes, Sep 5 thru May 15, homework: 30-45 minutes 3-4 times/week

Sections: (Z) Grades 6-8, Thursday - 8:30-9:45, (A) Grades 6-8*, Thursday - 11:00-12:15, (B) Grades 6-8, Thursday - 12:45-2:00, (C) Grades 7-8, Friday - 9:45-11:00, (D) Grades 6-8, Friday 11:00-12:15, (E) Grades 6-7*, Friday 12:45-2:00

Great for … 6th-8th graders* who thrive in a loving, joyful community where everyone is safe to take risks!

*Sections A & E are open to 5th graders who have IEW experience,

Within the supportive and engaging environment of an authentic writing community, growing writers struggle together through the hard parts of writing, as well as celebrate together finished products by presenting in Author’s Chair. While drafting, revising, and editing various writing projects (including narrative, expository, and imaginative works), students develop skills and confidence in the Six Traits of Good Writing: ideas, organization, voice, word choice, sentence fluency and conventions. Students learn to give and receive encouraging and specific feedback. The teacher also provides feedback through in-class conferences, and parents are equipped and encouraged to give conferences at home. The inspiring environment emphasizes growing as skilled and confident writers – and thriving as followers of Christ, growing together in authentic community.