Mission and Culture

Servant Leadership

You can expect more than just academics in our classrooms. Because we are committed to taking every opportunity available to shepherd students' hearts and teach them to respond with integrity and compassion, our goal is to support you in shaping character. We believe that Christians ought to be marked by Christ-like character - loving others and God first, treating people with respect and seeking always to do what is right. 

Why Classical Education?

Classical Education, in our context, is about two things:

  1. Developing students academically, in an intentional and age-appropriate manner. Each level of our core program (Grammar, Logic and Rhetoric) is designed to challenge students to grow in their understanding and critical thinking skills, so they can become people who engage the world through a biblical lens.
  2. Taking advantage of learning opportunities that develop character. We want to be your partner, as you seek to raise the next generation of people who not only lead with integrity, but love God with their whole hearts.

Professional Teachers

Because we are committed to supporting families like yours, we offer a highly-invested, experienced and caring faculty and staff. Our teachers are committed to your students' growth academically and morally, and they seek to provide space for students to be challenged along the way. We are convinced that homeschooling is a high calling, and our faculty are experienced in the homeschooling community - as teachers, parents and students. 

Our curriculum is designed to provide a framework for you to build on that one day a week in the classroom. And our teachers are consistently available to help students and parents move toward success in the classroom.

History of Greenhouse

The original concept for Greenhouse grew from Jennifer Spacek's experience as the first music teacher for a similar ministry in the western suburbs of Philadelphia in 1988. Finding nothing comparable when they moved to Chicago, the Spaceks began praying for a resource for parents in this area. 

In 1999, Tom Spacek approached leaders at Church of the Resurrection in Wheaton about launching a classical Christian learning center. With their blessing, Tom gathered a team of nine people who prayed, planned and prepared. Eighteen months later, Greenhouse opened its doors on September 12, 2001. That first year a faculty of five served 35 students (grades 1 to 6) from 20 families. 

A second core program was added in 2002 and classes were added for grades 7 and 8. In 2003, we offered our first elective courses.

In March 2004, Greenhouse was incorporated as its own Illinois not-for-profit corporation and is now recognized by the IRS as federally tax-exempt. Later that fall, we added our third core program.

The Rhetoric (high school) program was started in fall 2007, with 14 students. We've added new cohorts each year since then - now offering two cohorts for each grade (9 through 12).

In December 2014, Greenhouse launched a three-year capital campaign to enhance our academic programs, secure a suitable facility and extend our mission to more families. 

We purchased our Wheaton facility in Hoffman Park in September 2015, moving in officially in August 2016. In fall 2016, we also added a fourth core day program. 

Today, Greenhouse serves over 300 students from 185 families, representing 45 churches throughout the area.